Jessica C hopes her BF will be ok with rape scene in new movie

12 October 2013 / 3 years 1 week ago

Jessica C, Candy Yuen Ka Man and Philip Ng Won Lung attended ZOMBIE FIGHT CLUB's press conference recently.

Jessica played the lead role in a movie for the first time and said that the role of an action was rather challenging. In some scenes she performed almost without any make up.

In the film she had to fight zombies so she had to be in even better shape.

She said that her sexiness will be different from normal as she tried to emulate Angelina Jolie.

Jessica talked about an attempted rape scene. "In the film a bad guy wants to do something bad to me, I will try to protect myself."

(Did you warn your boyfriend?) "I told him that I will be making a zombie movie but I didn't tell him the details." 

(Are you afraid that the rape scene will upset him?) "I think he will respect me. Hopefully after the release he will still be my boyfriend, he probably will be." 

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