Jessica Alba does not see herself as 'sex symbol'

27 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

Jessica Alba. The name triggers the hormones of many hot-blooded men out there. Adjectives such as sexy, hot and desirable often go along with her name.Her pretty face and bootylicious body are the reasons the American actress is a familiar figure on the covers of lad magazines such as Playboy, FHM, Maxim, GQ, and Stuff.So while Gwyneth Paltrow may be hailed as the most beautiful woman alive by People magazine, we bet every dollar that Alba, 32, is the woman of men’s dreams.Her body of work, forgive the pun, has largely seen her playing sex kittens.She was minimally dressed as a dancer in Honey (2003) and she was in lingerie playing a stripper in Sin City (2005).Another memorable movie outfit was her teeny-weeny blue bikini in Into The Blue (2005).Then she fit her curvaceous body into a lycra suit in Fantastic Four (2005) and its sequel Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007).She was again in her underwear on the poster of the thriller The Killer Inside Me in 2010.So after being a pin-up for men around the world, it’s interesting to hear that Alba has never considered herself a sex symbol.“I’m a sex symbol? I’ve no idea!‘ Alba told The New Paper, laughing.“I was just taking on roles that came along, as it was difficult sometimes to find jobs,‘ she added, matter-of-factly.Alba was speaking from Los Angeles yesterday, where she’s getting ready to head over to our little island to co-host the Social Star Awards on Thursday with US television actor Jeremy Piven. (See report at right.)The inaugural event that celebrates international social media superstars will be a star-studded affair, with American rock icons Aerosmith, K-pop star Psy, Canadian pop star Carly Rae Jepsen, Star Trek icon George Takei and R&B singer Eric Benet among those in attendance for the awards and the post-awards concerts.Alba also laughed off the idea that she’s still considered attractive and desirable.“I really am not fabulous. Thank you for saying that, though.‘Alba’s answer to a question about how she maintains her trim figure after having two children would make many women envious.Said Alba, who is married to producer Cash Warren: “I don’t really work out, and I only go to the gym when I have the time.“I think there’s nothing more boring than working out. I believe in eating organic and not going for processed food as much as I can.‘Alba is definitely an advocate of maintaining a healthy and clean lifestyle.She even set up a company with friend Christopher Gavigan called The Honest Company which sells a collection of affordable and toxic-free household, cleaning goods, diapers and wipes.“I never really envisioned myself to be an entrepreneur. I created the company out of necessity as I couldn’t find eco-friendly and affordable products that are chemical free. I want to have good products for myself and my family.‘She’s also released a book titled The Honest Life last month where she shared tips for making healthy living fun, finding one’s style, her daily eco-friendly beauty routine and the favourite meals in her house.Family certainly comes first for the star. She and her husband have two daughters Honor, five, and Haven, two.“My kids comes first. As long as they are happy, then everything will fall into place.‘Alba spoke about being excited about coming to Singapore.“I’ve never been to Singapore, so I’m actually really, really excited.“I was given a list of things to do, like shopping and checking out some restaurants and cool sights...‘Incidentally, she’ll be celebrating her fifth wedding anniversary with her husband here.“I’m very happy that my husband is going to join me here. It’s a nice little getaway for our anniversary. This will be an interesting and totally different celebration than what we have done in the last few years.‘Alba, however, wished that the trip here could be longer.She will be here for only a day and, lamented that more time would be spent in the air than on the ground.“To be quite honest, my only free time is to have dinner. My schedule is so jam-packed.“If only we could stay for a week, then we could bring the kids and have a family vacation. That would be awesome.“We are already planning to make another trip to Singapore with the kids ‘“ a proper vacation.‘Meanwhile, Alba is going back to filming after this whirlwind trip.

She reunited with her Sin City director Robert Rodriguez for Machette Kills and the anticipated sequel Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, where she reprised her stripper Nancy Callahan character.Both movies will be released in the US this year.But the Golden Globe-nominated actress has not starred in many films in the past few years.She said she is now more particular about the kind of roles she accepts as she matures as an actor and she now seeks to find a real connection with the character and the film-maker.“I didn’t have that kind of experience when I was younger. It was more about quantity than quality then.‘She said she is now “choosier‘ and “more driven‘ to go after those projects that she’s passionate about.Although Alba is here for a social media event, you will not find her gushing about her life on various, social media platforms.“I have a Facebook account, I tweet and I Instagram.“I’m pretty active on social media, and I’m pretty plugged in. I do have different stuff to update, from random things to inspiring stories I read, to updates about my company.“But I’m not like some people where they share everything with the public. Some people are a bit too honest!‘Alba added that she tries to protect her children as much as possible from media glare, so don’t expect to read about her daily adventures as a mother.“The thing about these platforms is that I can control my voice. It’s authentic. Everything I post is all me.“You have to know that nothing is private on social media. Even if you set privacy settings, you have to know that once it’s up there, people can take a snapshot of your post and re-post it.“I’m very aware of the fact that I’m an actor in Los Angeles and that means I’m in the public eye all the time. I’m good at minding my Ps and Qs,‘ she added, laughing.Alba also shared that she would not use Facebook or Twitter to clarify rumours about her ‘“ something she said she’ll never stop facing.“There’s no need to clarify... It’ll just bring more attention to the rumours.‘She cited a recent report where she was quoted saying she had a first taste of alcohol ‘“ whiskey no less ‘“, at age 11.“I didn’t say that. Whoever reported it pieced it together. I drank when I was 13,‘ said Alba.“Yes, I was still underage! I’m used to getting misquoted. It happens to me all the time.‘

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