Jerry Yan to Barbie Hsu's husband: 'You snatched my GF!'

2 October 2014 / 2 years 2 weeks ago

During his promotion of his latest film Lupin III in Japan recently, Jerry Yan shockingly disclosed, “I’m getting married!”

It turns out that Jerry was just expressing his desire to start a family. The 37-year-old Taiwanese star shared that he did have the desire to get married after seeing his good friends getting married and having their children.

Jerry revealed that he had met Barbie Hsu, who had just given birth in April. Jerry also jokes about her co-star in Meteor Garden <流星花園>, and said, “Barbie’s daughter is so cute. Why do I feel that she looks so much like me?”

According to Asian Pop News, Jerry also joked to Wang Xiaofei, Barbie’s husband, “You snatched my girlfriend. Do you know I am Dao Ming Si!”

Jerry, who attended Vanness Wu’s wedding early this year, sang praises of his group mate for being so meticulous in the wedding planning. Jerry is also envious of Leehom Wang who also got married last year. Sharing a table with Leehom and his wife at Vanness’ wedding, Jerry envies Leehom for finding a “girl who takes good care of him”.

Jerry hopes that his future other half will be someone who takes good care of him as well.

Jerry held a meet-the-fans session in Tokyo recently. Almost 3,000 fans of different ages turned up to catch a glimpse of him. Among the fans were young girls, housewives, and even a 70-year-old granny. Jerry even went down the stage to hug the granny, who was in a wheelchair.

Moved by his fans’ support all these years, Jerry also has some words for them, “Whenever I am feeling down and lonely, I will think about my fans’ expressions. This will give me a positive energy.”

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