Jenny Lau's scared of strawberries after doing this at 'audition'

21 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

Hong Kong actress Jenny Lau is now afraid of strawberries after she used the fruit as a prop for a sultry pose in an 'audition' -- inside her new movie, The Midas Touch.According to reports from the Hongkong media, Jenny went all out in the film -- which stars Chapman To and Charlene Choi. In one scene, she turned up for an audition without knowing it was for a sex film.However, instead of baulking at the premise of the audition, she cranked up the heat by showing a bit of cleavage and licking a strawberry while leaning on the table in a provocative pose.Jenny revealed after the shoot that the scene made her develop a fear of the little red fruit.When asked how she brought about such a seductive expression, she explained that she drew inspiration after looking at Chrissie Chau's photobook while doing research."I hope other than toothpaste, everyone would remember the strawberries."

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