Jeana Ho says Dada Chan has left for Australia

21 August 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago

DaDa's close friend Jeana Ho Pui Yu has confirmed that DaDa Chan has left for Australia, and is not looking back.

According to a report on HKTopTen, Jeana recently joined the cast of Lan Kwai Fong 3, following DaDa's departure.

DaDa's sudden retirement announcement led to much speculation, with one of the rumored reasons was that she was pregnant.

After DaDa "submerged", Jeana who has stayed in touch with her admitted that Dada has left for Australia to ease her mood. Hong Kong was giving DaDa too much pressure.

She hoped for DaDa to recover soon and as a good friend she would support her to the end; she also pointed out that DaDa was indeed depressed.

Did success at work bring pressure too? Jeana felt that everyone's situation was different.

DaDa did not reveal to her that she was afraid of being sued. DaDa only said that she wanted to relax a little.

As for DaDa's pregnancy rumor, Jeane overreacted and said, "It's spread so quick!" She denied for her good friend with certainty. DaDa took time off with the company until September, she was unsure if she would return to Hong Kong.

However DaDa knew about the company's final notice. Why did she not talk to DaDa bout work responsibility? Jeana said that as a friend she hoped that next time she would not just listen to anyone's opinion.

Who gave DaDa the idea? Did someone instigate her to retire? Jeana immediately said, "I don't know!"

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