Jayley Woo secures Babe of the Year title -- after sending out just 1 tweet

28 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

Top-heavy local DJ Tenashar and her assets were not good enough for her to be crowned the Babe of The Year.

The title also did not go to this year's viral babe sensation Serina Wee, the City Harvest Church accountant who mesmerised netizens with her sense of style and pictures of her walking out of the Subordinate Courts during the trial.

What both nominees lacked - and what MediaCorp actress Jayley Woo, the eventual winner, had - was a devoted army of more than 21,000 followers on Twitter, reports The New Paper.

"The fact that I got nominated for this category is already a miracle, but to win, oh my goodness," the gamine starlet told The New Paper.

"It's my first award ever," she added. Woo's fans voted 2,009 times to secure a landslide victory - and that was after just one tweet.

The New Paper New Face 2011 finalist tweeted two weeks ago, when her category was published: "I know I'm not much of a babe but do vote for me as I'm up against some strong competitors! Can vote nonstop!"

And she attached a link to the voting site.

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