Jaycee Chan forced to spend birthday in detention centre

6 December 2014 / 1 year 10 months ago

Jaycee Chan was suspected of drug abuse and was detained for 3 months in Beijing.

Two days ago was his 32nd birthday.

His mother, Lin Feng Jiao, was not allowed to visit him and could only send her birthday wishes through Jaycee's manager, reported Asian E-News Portal

"We continue to love you", said Jaycee's mother.

His manager expressed that Jaycee had borrowed more than 100 books and was very eager to compose better songs, and his mother felt that he had changed for the better.

Anthony Wong: Difficult life will be over ultimately

Many artistes sent their birthday wishes to him.

Veteran actor Anthony Wong left a message on Facebook saying: "Your difficult life will be over ultimately. One will have mistakes in life. You are smart and must face it bravely.

"It will be over soon and your exciting life is still waiting for you. We will meet again very soon!"

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