Jaycee Chan sentenced to 6 months jail -- but will be released in February

13 January 2015 / 1 year 9 months ago

He may have been sentenced to six months in jail, but Jaycee Chan will be out of jail in time for Chinese New Year.

The court said that with time already served by the singer-actor, who is the son of kungfu star Jackie Chan, he should be out on February 13, reports The New Paper via South China Morning Post.

The younger Chan, 32, was jailed for six months in China on Friday (Jan 9) on a drugs charge, the latest celebrity felled by the government’s aggressive anti-narcotics campaign.

He was formally charged last month with “the crime of sheltering others to take drugs” after testing positive for marijuana, with police saying they found 100 grams of the drug at his home.

He faced a maximum prison sentence of three years.

Chan and Ko Chen-tung, a Taiwanese actor also known as Kai Ko, both tested positive for marijuana according to state media, and Kai made tearful televised confessions.

At least 10 locally known stars were detained on drug-related charges last year, state-run media have said.

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