Jay Chou tickets sold in black market for ridiculous price of $1,000

28 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago
An online posting is offering a pair of tickets for Jay Chou's concert in Singapore, which is worth $476, for $1000.

STOMPer L, who came across the posting, finds it ridiculous that the tickets are being sold for more than twice the original price.

Said the STOMPer:"$1000 for a pair of tickets that's only worth $476.

"It's more than twice the original price! "It's ridiculous.

"Die-hard Jay Chou fans have no choice but to pay more to these crazy money lovers.

"Previously, STOMPer Karen had also reported that tickets to Jay Chou's concert, worth $238, were being sold online for $500 or more.

The first two pictures show the website STOMPer L came across, while images 3 to 6 show the websites that STOMPer Karen spotted.

The rest of the images show Jay Chou during his performances.
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