Jay Chou tickets gone within hours -- only to be sold in black market from $500 each

20 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago
After the tickets to Jay Chou's June concert in Singapore were all snapped up within hours on Tuesday morning, STOMPer Karen found people selling the tickets online for $500 each.

Said the STOMPer:"Black market robbery!"Jay Chou tickets go on sale today and were totally sold out within hours.

"People are buying them not because they are fans, neither do they like Jay Chou's songs.

It's just for the sake of earning money.

"Usual Cat 2 tickets are priced at $238 each and black market sellers are making ridiculous offers from $500 each.

That's double the price! What daylight robbery is this?"For those who really love Jay Chou, they will have no choice but to pay more due to these inconsiderate money lovers!"STOMP did a check and found other listings Jay Chou ticket resellers made.

One was selling a pair of Category 2 tickets at $750 and a pair of Category 5 tickets at $550, while another seller listed the price for a Category 2 ticket at $650 each.

For those who did not manage to get the tickets, Sistic has announced a third show for June 6.

Tickets will go on sale at 10am on Feb 26, with Priority Sales for M1 customers and OCBC cardholders.
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