Jay Chou releasing new album on December 12

6 December 2012 / 3 years 10 months ago

Source: Popular AsiansJay Chou’s new album, 12 New Works will be available for pre-order on December 12, 2012. The first single from the album, “Worldly Inn", will premier on December 5.To further promote the album, a 12-day event featuring important musical events of Jay’s past, such as his first music video, his first press events, to his historic portrayal of Kato in The Green Hornet, will be aired.The song, “Worldly Inn‘ reunited Jay and lyricist, Vincent Fang. The poetic vision of the song depicts a romantic martial art swordsman opting to drop his trade and live a life of a commoner with his loved one. With time spent enjoying tea and painting portraits of his loved one, it is a story filled with the imagery of a romantic swordsman. In the song, Jay demonstrates the range of his voice by switching from his natural and unrestrained style, to a lamenting and regretting tone, with solemn and stirring emotions.“Worldly Inn‘ features eastern music instruments such as guzheng and bawu intertwined with the piano, string instruments, and jazz drums.Jay regularly combines Chinese instruments and styles with rock or R & B, a genre called Zhongguo feng (or Chinese Style Music). All of Jay’s albums contains at least a song with his Zhongguo feng style, which he collaborated with Vincent Fang.Songs such as “East Wind Breaks‘, ‘Blue and White Porcelain‘, “Hair Like Snow‘, “Chrysanthemums Terrace‘, “Faraway‘, and now, “Worldly Inn‘ are showcases of Zhongguo feng at its finest.The promotional stills that have surfaced for “Worldly Inn‘ features Jay as a martial arts hero. A special edition of the 12 New Works album, which is wrapped in a blue and white cloth and includes a pair of chopsticks bearing the “World’s Inn‘ label, will also be available.Like Jay’s previous albums, there will be a USB version that will come inside an elegantly designed container, demonstrating a combination of technology and classical content.

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