Jay Chou pretends to be street busker in Hollywood

28 January 2013 / 3 years 9 months ago
Jay Chou would never, ever get away with walking down any street in China without getting mobbed, but he could in the US.

Beijing Cream reported that the average American would turn his or her head, surely, because Chou’s a megawatt superstar, but would he be recognized?Maybe not yet, but that could change, especially if he appears in any more great segments like this one from a recent Jimmy Kimmel episode.

Here’s how Kimmel introduced him:Jay Chou is from Taiwan, he’s a massive star in China, he’s an actor, singer, songwriter, model ‘” he’s like the me of China.

We get a lot of Chinese tourists here in LA, so we thought it would be fun to send him and a keyboard to pretend he’s just one of these street musicians we have out there, then just start playing and see what would happen.

Michel Gondry, who directed Chou in The Green Hornet, was out there as well singing along to “Mack a Roni.‘

Take a look.

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