Jay Chou, Nicholas Tse and others say their final farewell to Sita Chan

13 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago
26 year old HK singer Sita Chan got into a fatal accident on April 17th, and passed away.
Sita's memorial service was recently held at Po Fook Memorial Hall, where her family, friends, colleagues and nearly 300 fans bid their last farewell to the singer.

Sita's heartbroken mother wrote in her commemorate photo album: "Her beauty is from inside to outside.

This will be in my heart forever...
I had such a wonderful daughter, there are no regrets!" reported TVB Newsworld and Apple Daily.

Sita's father wrote: "You're my pride, I am proud of you! Hope we can be father and daughter again in the next life.

" Sita had a Western-styled memorial.

The large picture of Sita chosen by her family was from her second album, which had her bright smile, allowing everyone to forever remember her smile.

Sita loved the cartoon character Doraemon, so a large Doraemon cardboard doll was there to accompany her.

Sita's remains will be cremated and placed at the Po Fook Memorial Hall.

Nearly 300 fans lined up early to get their turn to say goodbye, many of whom were still in their school uniforms.

Fans came out of the hall in tears, one fan girl expressed she liked Sita for a year and hopes she RIP.

Sita had many friends from the industry during her lifetime and several of them went to say their goodbyes, too including Sammy Shum, Fiona Sit, Stephanie Cheng, Alex Fong, Siu Fay, Sandy Lau and her husband, Kelvin Kwan and HotCha's Winkle.

Sandy and Siu Fay were sobbing so much, they needed someone to help them walk.

Sita debuted in 2011, although she only had a short 2 years in the industry, she still formed many friendships in the industry.

Her idols and many good friends contributed a message in her commemorative photo album.

Jay Chou (Sita's idol) wrote: "Hope you RIP.

Nicholas Tse (Sita's idol) wrote: "May you find music wherever you go.

Rumored boyfriend Sammy Shum wrote: "You will always have a smile on her face because you said before if you don't smile, you look mean.

You successfully made all those who love you remember your smile, proves you are very hard working and an artist worthy of the appreciation.

Your vocals and smile is the best gift to your fans."
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