Jay Chou needs his mum's approval before buying new car

2 July 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago
Jay may be a pop superstar but he can't buy a car without his mother's permission.

According to an article in Daily Chilli, Jay already owns three luxury sports cars and says he checks out new models all the time, but he has to wait for his mum's approval before he can actually get a new set of wheels.

"I've been pleading with her for a long time but she keeps saying no.

I'm hoping she'll let me get another car for my birthday this year," he said.

In other related news, Jay Chou has got one more year of bachelorhood before his keeps or breaks his promise to himself -- that he'll marry at age 35.

So who's lined up to be his wife? Will it be Hannah Quinlivan, rumoured to be his girlfriend for the last two years? He won't say.

In fact, he won't even talk about his relationship with the girl who's 15 years younger and in her late teens.

He'll only say that he "will keep making friends and comparing".

Pictures in the gallery show his rumoured girlfriend Hannah Quinlivan recently being captured on camera with full make-up on trying to cover her pimply face, as well as other photos of the couple.
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