Jay Chou on Gangnam Style: "I already did that dance in Cowboy On The Run"

20 December 2012 / 3 years 10 months ago
Source: The Straits Times

Taiwanese superstar Jay Chou has gotten much flak online from fans for his controversial remarks on the Hallyu wave and phenomenon K-pop hit Gangnam Style.

According to Taiwanese media reports, Chou was quoted at Baidu's 10th anniversary awards ceremony in Beijing on Dec 2 saying: "Because the Korean wave is very strong now, (Chinese music) should avoid getting caught up to by the Korean wave.

Because the Chinese wave is tremendous."

"All (Chinese) artists should be united, ’No more Gangnam Style," he added.

Speaking at a media conference for his self-directed film on Dec 11, Chou said: "Gangnam Style is fun but I’ve never followed along to the ‘˜horse ride dance’.

I already did that dance in the music video for Cowboy On The Run.

"Fans have lashed out at Chou, with many criticizing Chou as being "simply jealous of Psy" and accusing him of putting national barriers on the universal language of music.

Thanks to his new blonde hairdo and suave new look, Chou has been accused of attempting to copy the styles of K-Pop artistes as well.

Netizens have also compared the music videos, pointing out a lack of similarities.

What are your thoughts on Jay Chou's comments? Do you think Gangnam Style and Cowboy On The Run are similar?
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