Jay Chou criticized for copying popular K-pop idol's image

31 January 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago
Jay Chou's is seen flaunting his 8-pack abs donned with a golden hairstyle on the cover for his 12th album, 12 New Works.

Many fans criticised his latest image for lacking creativity, according to reports on appledaily and Sina.

Netizens say Jay’s golden hairstyle resembles 2PM member, Jang Woo Young’s hairstyle in his album cover.

Some even said, “Has the self-proclaimed music king turned into a Korean?‘ Some netizens also felt that Jay’s image was identical to Kenji Wu’s (吳克羣) album cover in 2010, Love me Hate me <愛我恨我> with the latter also displaying his muscular body.

One netizens mocked at Jay and wrote, “In the past, Kenji used to learn from Jay.

Now, it is Jay’s turn to learn from Kenji.

Hahaha!‘Jay’s fans expressed their disappointment with their idol for “following the fashion blindly‘, and said, “I am speechless.

You are so talented, do you need to sell your body?‘
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