Jay Chou boasts his new film scores over 100%

8 July 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago
Jay Chou is proud of his latest film, saying it scores over a hundred points out of a hundred.

According to a report on HKTopTen, Taiwanese Heavenly King Jay Chou wrote, directed and starred in the musical The Rooftop.

The film will be released on the 11th in the Mainland, Malaysia, Singapore and other locations simultaneously.

Yesterday Jay, lead actress Li Xinai and producer Will Liu appeared at the Shanghai premiere.

Jay took care of everything from directing, acting, composing, costumes, action choreography to editing himself, but he admitted that the action choreography was the most difficult because the action had to follow the beat.

He also revealed that he originally was very worried about Li Xinai's performance because she had no acting experience.

Yet as her acting gradually improved, he relaxed.

Earlier Chairman Chou while promoting in Wuxi boasted that he would score his film over 100 points and described it as "three 'good' movie".

"Good with word of mouth, good with box office, good with awards.

Recently many movies have had high box office but not too good word of mouth.

"Asked if he would win an award, he replied "I have not won a directing award before, just a newcomer award.

" He also admitted that the film and music making processes were drastically different.

Film production was a group collaboration but song writing was solo.

"I have been bored and alone for a very long time.

I don't have any siblings, so I like to work with good friends.

In the film the redhead character was my middle school classmate."
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