Jay Chou, Aaron Kwok reveal secrets to their amazing abs

3 December 2012 / 3 years 10 months ago

Source: Jayne Stars

Jay Chou, Aaron Kwok, Huang Xiaoming, and Eddie Peng are some of the most muscular artists to grace the screen.

Their masculine physiques make women drool, while easily making men jealous and want to attain the same bodies.

Jay, Aaron, Xiaoming, and Eddie reveal the secrets to steel abs and how they sweated to perfection!Jay Chou’s Secret: Two TrainerMissing in action for a year, Jay Chou will release a new music album on December 12. Jay is an extremely talented musician, but he has never been an idol type of singer.

To the surprise of everyone, on the marketing materials, Jay has updated his image with blond hair and flaunts eight-pack abs. Yes, count ‘˜em eight! And no, Photoshop was not involved!

In The Green Hornet, Jay portrays Kato, and at that time, Jay had an ordinary body. Since a few months ago, Jay was seen bearing a six pack, which he accidentally displayed at a charity basketball game in Shanghai. During the game, Jay was sweating profusely, and he spent most of his time lifting his jersey to wipe his face.

While celebrating the Mid-Autumn festival with his grandmother, Jay lifted up his shirt in front of her and expected her to check out his muscles. Rumor has it that his grandma told him to move aside as he was blocking the view.

Jay continued to train hard and finally achieved the next level. At a recent press event, when asked about his body, Jay bragged how tough training was for the past year. Jay has not one, but two private trainers to help him on his rigorous workout. Jay did over 300 sit-ups everyday.

On top of that, he has been really disciplined with his diet.

Jay revealed that his body fat is only 8 percent. When asked what is his goal with a perfect body, Jay said, “I want to become the most muscular director in Asia!‘Eddie Peng’s Secret: “No Oil, No Sugar!‘

When it comes to muscular Chinese actor, Eddie Peng, has to be on the list.

In Jump Ashin!, Eddie portrayed a gymnast, which like his other movies, he got to show off his great body. His constant flexing of his muscles turned off many male audiences, but he also gained many female viewers at the same time. Eddie did not do additional training for the movie. Coincidentally, most of his roles seemed to require him to show off his muscles. In the past, he has played a dolphin trainer, surf instructor, and a boxer.In additional to his daily dose of aerobic exercises, Eddie said to achieve a perfect body like his, one needs to be really disciplined in his diet.

“No oil, no sugar, and no spicy food. Limit your drinks to protein shakes and water,‘ Eddie said.As for sports that he enjoys, Eddie listed swimming, running, and weightlifting.When asked what type of training schedule he has to go through, Eddie said he lives a life of an athlete. In order to make himself look better onscreen, he starts training every morning from 7 AM to noon time. After a shower and lunch, he continues exercising for the entire afternoon, and occasionally plays basketball during the evening.

One wonders with a schedule like Eddie’s, where does he find the time for other activities?

Huang Xiaoming’s Secret: 1,000 Pieces of Chicken Breast The first time we got to see Huang Xiaoming’s muscular physique is in the movie An Inaccurate Memoir.

Throughout the movie, fans drooled when Huang flexed his biceps. In one scene, where Xiaoming went topless and revealed a well defined and toned chest, the theater went dead silent, followed by “oohs and aahs‘.Xiaoming said his day starts off with an hour or more of aerobic exercise, followed by resistance training. To achieve his physique, Xiaoming has been very disciplined with his diet.

For the past year, he ate 1,000 pieces of boiled chicken breasts, without any seasoning or condiments.

“It was okay in the beginning, after a while, I felt like throwing up!‘ There are exceptions, though, Xiaoming said, “Once in a while I have a great meal, but I usually have additional workouts afterward.‘

Xiaoming also mentioned that he carries a pair of dumbbells with him at all times, and trains whenever he has a chance.

With a body like his, no wonder supermodel Angelababy fell for him.Aaron Kwok’s Secret: Go Jogging at 4 AM.

Recently, Aaron Kwok flaunted his abs during his concert to the delight of his fans. And although he is no Arnold Schwarzenegger, Aaron looks pretty impressive being close to 50 years old.Aaron has been keeping a fantastic figure for years.

During an interview for the movie Cold War, Aaron revealed how he achieved such a toned and muscular body. He said once in a while he enjoys a Chongqing style hot pot dinner, but usually he was able to offset a heavy dinner with a couple hours of working out everyday.

When performing in a concert, Aaron will beef up his training in preparation.

Every morning after exercising, he will eat a light breakfast of hard-boiled eggs without the yolks.

For lunch, Aaron will stuff himself with fruits. And at night, he would eat boiled meat and steamed vegetables, varied accordingly to the amount of exercise performed that day. Aaron said in order to kill of the blandness of the food, he will take some breath mints. He limited his liquid intake to water only, but he will drink a cup of soda once in a while.Aaron has an unusual habit of jogging indoors at 4 AM every morning.

His Cold War costar, Tony Leung, once complained to the press that he was awakened at 4 AM in the morning, after getting off work at 2 AM, only to find out that Aaron was jogging inside his hotel room next door.Doing it the Right Way.

According to a professional trainer, many performers are pushing themselves too fast and too hard.

For an average person, he or she may want to set up a less demanding routine. For example, an hour of aerobic exercise, follow by 20 minutes of resistance training, and focus on the part of the body you want to tone.

Regarding the diet, the trainer said, “No, you don’t have to be extremely disciplined in your diet, just eat more vegetables and proteins, and less calories.

If you want to see the results sooner, you may want to consult a nutritionist. However, one thing you need to avoid is late night snacks!‘

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