Jaw-dropping photos show the power of makeup on the same face

16 January 2015 / 1 year 9 months ago

A collection of before-and-after photos circulating online recently show how truly amazing makeup is.

Compiled by modernman.sg, the pictures show what each individual looks like with and without makeup.

A disclaimer on the article stated that it was not meant to put anyone down. Instead, its intention was to make people appreciate the wonders of makeup and wake men who have unrealistic expectations of women up.

Local blogger Esther Xie, also popularly known by her online moniker @theiceangel, is one of those among the photos. They were from an old blog entry in 2010, in which Xie bravely revealed how her face looked like without makeup.

Another drastic transformation in the photos is of a grumpy-looking man who managed to look like a demure lady (see #Photo 33).

Check out more examples in the gallery below and prepare to be awed.

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