Japanese women think she is sexiest. Agree?

27 July 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago

The August edition of the fashion magazine 'and GIRL' has revealed that actress Ishihara Satomi is the number one "adult girl" according to a recent survey targeted towards female readers around 30 years of age.

According to a report on tokyohive.com, a majority of the magazine's readers picked Ishihara with various reasons such as "It's just her beauty with that feeling of transparency and that sexiness that even makes women fall for her," "She has been on my mind ever since she recently began to have that certain adult sex appeal," and "I've been absorbed by her clear and big eyes."

The magazine has asked the actress about the secret that allows her to become such an ideal "otona-kawaii" woman (adult women with a subtle cuteness) to many other women.

Ishihara replied, "Don't wish to become too beautiful." She explained, "When I was a teenager, my agency told me, 'Beauty is always going to fade someday, but you can stay a cute and charming person forever.' Somehow this sentence has been stuck in my mind ever since."

Multi-talent YOU and actress Yuka also ranked high in the survey. All three of them are very different characters yet they all "sparkle" in a similar way. Therefore, the magazine has dedicated a whole special in their August edition to analyze them from different angles such as their raw beauty, their fashion, their life-style, their principles and so on with the help of detailed interviews.

As for Ishihara, who also happens to be on the cover of the said edition, she freely talked about her very active private life including how she remodeled her home and traveled abroad all by herself. She may have said that she doesn't care a lot about her beauty, but there is one beauty tip she learned from fellow actress Esumi Makiko - "drinking plain boiled water." She commented, "It's quite simple and you don't get tired of it, so I've unexpectedly been keeping up with it for a while now."

Ishihara was also asked to name an adult woman who still seems to be a like a girl in her opinion. She immediately thought of actress Ishida Yuriko.

This edition of 'and GIRL' went on sale starting July 12th.

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