Japanese news anchor makes the same face at same time everyday

3 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

Yoko Shono is up bright and early daily for morning show Mezamashi TV, which is kind of like Today for Japan, reports 2ch.And what seems like everyday at the nearly the exact same time, she makes what seems to be the exact same face. You must see it to believe it. On 2ch, some said they thought the smile was charming, but many wrote that they found the identical duck mouth smiles "creepy".Others wondered if morning show anchors like Shono actually practice their duck mouths. It seems rather unnatural and forced!Another wrote that Shono's uncanny ability to do a duck mouth at nearly the same time everyday wasn't creepy, but frightening. Added yet another commenter, "There's something scary about this."View pictures of Shono in the gallery below. Also see pictures of Miss Korea contestants who look the same thanks to make up.

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