Japanese netizens mock ‘˜crude’ costumes by foreign cosplayers

11 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

Japancrush reported that a recent thread online created a lot of attention by containing a collection of 'crude' cosplay by some amateur foreign costume creators.The overall lack of workmanship created more than one jab at the cosplayers’ motivation. However many people mentioned that 'as long as they are having fun, let them be'.What the Japanese netizens did not realise, however, is that 'cospobre', a mixture of 'costume' and 'pobre', or 'poor', is an online Brazilian competition in which the aim is to create your costume using the least amount of money possible, with many making their costumes for free. For more photos of of the best and worst cosplayers, click through the gallery below.

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