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20 September 2013
Japanese model Dan Mitsu stuns observers with jaw-dropping fashion outfit
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Japanese model Dan Mitsu has found herself in the spotlight again for yet another one of her audacious fashion choices after she turned up for a press event wearing a business jacket -- with nothing underneath it.

Mitsu, who made headlines previously when she turned up at a promotional event in skimpy lingerie, wore the outfit at a launch event of photographer Leslie Kee's Super Barney Photo Exhibition, which she modelled for, reported Takungpao.

While the outfit itself may not be that controversial -- Olivia Wilde was spotted in the same get-up at a recent public event as well -- Mitsu gave it a different dimension when she resorted to provocative poses in front of shutterbugs who were all too willing to snap away.

Check out the similar outfit that Dan Mitsu and Olivia Wilde wore in the gallery below!