Japanese model claims hamburgers made her chest grow bigger

9 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

A Japanese model has claimed to have found a way to increase the size of her bust without the need to go under the knife -- chomping down hamburgers.According to a Tantei File report, Eri Sakurai says she experienced a sudden -- albeit temporary -- inflation to her chest after frequent trip to fast food restaurants."A long time ago, I went through a phase where I was eating a bunch of McDonald’s, and my bust measurement grew to 95 cm (37.4 in). I don’t know what the scientific basis was, but it really happened," she recounted.Sakurai’s profile on her Wikipedia page lists her bust at 88 cm (34.6 cm), which will mean that she had a 7cm increase in mammary mass.In an effort to repeat the results of her burger binge, Rocketnews24 reported that Sakurai has been spending the week eating at Japanese hamburger chain Lotteria (home of the nine-patty Evangelion burger).She’s even been hitting the restaurant for breakfast, ordering what she’s dubbed the 'Big Boobs Burger', a 1,338-calorie hamburger with everything on it.

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