Japanese girl who shocked BF without makeup identified -- and reveals more jaw-dropping news

6 January 2015 / 1 year 9 months ago

Remember the Japanese girl who shocked her boyfriend after revealing her bare face to him on Christmas Day?

It was earlier reported that the guy had been boasting about his partner's 'natural beauty', until he saw her without makeup. He then circulated photos of her plain face online and the difference shocked many netizens.

Looks like the drama is far from over -- the girl has been identified and more shocking details of the saga have emerged on Rocketnews24.

The girl has broken her silence on Twitter, where she shared a before-and-after makeup snap of her face. She even captioned it: "Thanks for the 10,000 retweets!"

However, she also received many hurtful and insensitive comments from trolls -- all of which she compiled. She wrote. "Here’s a roundup of nasty comments I’ve received recently:

"Ugly girls are still ugly no matter how much makeup they plaster on!" / "Both of your pictures are ‘before’ pictures in my eyes! Your ‘after’ picture looks like a cyborg." / "Congratulations, you are an extremely ugly girl who has managed to make herself merely ugly."

Not that these comments bothered her, as she continued posting her selfies along with funny quips. She also gave 'beauty' tips on how to get a 'gorgeous face' like hers, such as using band-aids on her eyelids.

The biggest shock of all? She is apparently even six months pregnant as seen in ultrasound scans that she posted on Twitter (Photo #4 in gallery).

So who is having the last laugh?

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