Japanese adult star Sora Aoi causes online frenzy in appeal for help

6 November 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

Japanese adult star Sora Aoi created a huge buzz among her fans online when she seeked their help for her forray into the showbiz industry in China.

Aoi caused a mini frenzy after announcing on her Weibo account that she plans to establish herself as a star in the Chinese entertainment circuit, and appealed for fans to help her think of a stage name, My Paper reported.

The 'invitation' led to a load of hilarious responses from fans as they went about to help their idol in need, proving that Sora may just have enough support to ensure she is one of few adult stars to succeed in mainstream entertainment as well.

Language barriers aside, her attempt to break into the Chinese market is not as haphazard as some may think for a majority of her fanbase is from China, and it showed when a piece of caligraphy art piece she did -- which was auctioned off for US$95,000 (S$118,000).

That sale caused a huge stir in China, as observers got into intense discussion over that incident, and ensured she will be no stranger when she makes her first move there.

Regardless, the first acid test to Aoi's capability as a mainstream actress will be the upcoming movie, Naked Ambition 2, which she co-stars alongside the Hong Kong comedian Chapman To as well as other adult stars like Anri Okita.

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