Japanese adult star Sora Aoi’s calligraphy art causes fierce debate in China

6 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

Former Japanese adult video actress Aoi Sora has sparked another intense debate in China, but this time, it’s not even about morality or censorship.

The star, whose largest fan base is in China, made calligraphy art that was reportedly auctioned for 95,000 US dollars.

While some were supportive of her “art‘, purists called her “unskilled‘ and some said her work was just a marketing ploy, a report on Japan Daily Press wrote.

Aoi, also nicknamed “Ms. Cang‘ by her loyal supporters, created her calligraphy at a theme park in Ningbo in front of her mostly male fans.

Dressed “appropriately‘ in a pink and white dress, she wrote “Fun Phoenix Mountain Theme Park‘ with brush and ink.

The eight Chinese character piece was reportedly sold earlier this month, although they did not release the name of the auction house or the buyer.

The Liberation Daily newspaper, which carried the news about the purchase of her calligraphy, called her work “childish and unskilled‘. They also quoted Tang Jihui, the deputy head of the Shanghai Youth Calligraphers Association, as saying that her calligraphy has “nothing do with art‘ and that the people who sold or bought it obviously don’t care whether it’s real art or not.

Her fans immediately reacted and “defended her honor‘, mostly online, especially on the Sina, Weibo social network where she has 13 million followers.

One poster said that the price for the piece of “art‘ was definitely worth it. Some detractors said that it is obviously just a marketing gimmick by the theme park, but a spokeswoman for the park refused to make any comment.

It’s not the first time that Aoi made “art‘ like this. During the recent earthquake disaster in China’s Sichuan province last April, she posted a picture of calligraphy that she wrote on parchment paper saying “Go, Sichuan. Peace to Ya’an."

This was the only “help‘ from Japan that the Chinese appreciated, after politely declining Japan’s offer for financial aid.

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