Janice Man sheds her sweet-girl image -- and does THIS to Nick Cheung

25 April 2015 / 1 year 6 months ago

The world premiere for the Hong Kong crime thriller film Helios <赤道> was held in Beijing yesterday. Written and directed by Sunny Luk (陸劍青) and Longmond Leung (梁樂民), the creators behind 2012’s box office success Cold War <寒戰>, the action-packed thriller features an international cast from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, and South Korea, reports Jayne Stars.

The film stars Chang Chen (張震) as wanted mercenary Helios, who along with his sidekick (Janice Man 文詠珊) have stolen a large quantity of uranium to build weapons of mass destruction. They arrive in Hong Kong to prepare a trade with a terrorist organization, which alerts Chief Inspector Lee (Nick Cheung 張家輝) and Inspector Fan (Shawn Yue 余文樂), the leaders of Hong Kong’s Counter Terrorism Response Unit. They team up with physicist Siu (Jacky Cheung 張學友), Chinese senior official Song (Wang Xueqi 王學圻) and two South Korean weapons experts Choi (Ji Jin Hee 池珍熙) and Park (Choi Siwon 崔始源), in hopes to defuse the nuclear weapon crisis that can destroy the world.

Janice Man Beats Up Nick Cheung

As one of the only females among a predominantly male cast, Janice’s role in Helios is strong and physical. Portraying Chang Chen’s assistant, many of Janice’s scenes are close-combat action sequences. Janice said she had to train six months before filming began, which included doing over one hundred push-ups per day.

In one scene, Janice fought off Nick Cheung, who chased her into an alleyway. With her agility and skill, she managed to escape from Nick’s grasp. During the shoot, Nick said he had a good fight with Janice, saying, “My eight-pack abs are now useless!” Janice also escaped from Ji Jin Hee and Choi Siwon in a gun fight.

Helios will open in Mainland China on April 30 and Hong Kong on May 1.

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