Jang Yoon Jung hate blog is actually run by her relative: Netizens react

3 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

It seems that the blog against singer Jang Yoon Jung is actually run by a relative on her mother's side.According to tvN’s eNEWS on May 31, it was announced, “A Jang Yoon Jung anti-blog on one of the portal site is being run by her own family members. One of the relatives from her mother’s side is responsible for continued negative comments on this blog.‘The blog in question was created in April this year. The uploaded conversations and past photos of Jang Yoon Jung are information that only her family would know. Most of the material is negative and harmful in nature.Netizens that heard this news commented, “What kind of family is this,‘ “They are so evil,‘ “Jang Yoon Jung must be having a difficult time,‘ and “Poor Jang Yoon Jung.‘Meanwhile on the same day, a representative of Jang Yoon Jung stated with respect to this news, “We will have to confirm with Jang Yoon Jung to find out if this person is really her relative, but right now, Jang Yoon Jung is having hard time. Therefore, we are not sure of the facts yet. However, we suspect that this person does have some kind of a connection to Jang Yoon Jung.‘NetizenBuzz wrote what netizens commented upon hearing the news:1. [+2,812, -44] Are they really human? Her uncle received $5,000 a month for writing comments on her articles, and her younger brother took all of the money she shed blood to make and lost it all in a failed business investment. As for her mother? She used up $1.8 million on living expenses alone and blew $7.3 million. Now that they think she isn't making enough money for them, they're wasting their time running an anti site and trying to reveal her dirty secrets on TV. They're less than trash. I hope they receive punishment in the deepest of hell. 2. [+2,470, -30] Amazing... So her family spent all her money on upkeeping their lifestyle.. and her uncle was paid $5,000 a month for writing comments on all her articles.. and all the money was used up by her family. Now that the $5,000 has been cut off, they're all ganging up on her to split her open practically. Tsk tsk.3. [+2,381, -31] Her family is the devil4. [+306, -3] I think her mother needs to visit a mental hospital5. [+280, -1] It's amazing how Jang Yoon Jung still managed to survive and succeed under a family like that. If I had been raised by those people, my life would've been a guaranteed failure. 6. [+219, -4] That person that calls herself Jang Yoon Jung's mom opened up Jang Yoon Jung's closet for the camera and even pulled out all of her underwear to show them, crazy b*tch7. [+218, -5] They really must be crazy now that, their only source of income is gone. Imagine how hard Jang Yoon Jung had it.. I hope she succeeds even more and shoves it in their faces. 8. [+169, -1] How can you do something like this to your daughter and nuna... She's the one that raised them out of poverty.

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