Janet Chow shows off her baby bump in sexy photoshoot

26 January 2013 / 3 years 9 months ago
A few days before Janet Chow is due at the hospital to deliver her first child with Timmy Hung, she showed off her 42-inch belly in a sexy maternity photo shoot with her topless husband.

TVB News World reports that Hung, who is the son of martial arts movies veteran Sammo Hung, and Chow are into the final countdown before their child is born.

Timmy Chow said: "I haven't learned how to change diapers yet.

I'll leave all the baby things to my wife, my mom is going to help out too.

The most important is we have a healthy son.

My dad (Sammo Hung) already gave him the name of 'Hung Dai Yan'.

I think the best name for him would be Hung Tin Tin, if you read it backwards it's 'Tin Tin Hung' (literal translation: Day Day Red), that's not bad!" Timmy and Janet's son English name is "TJ".

In photos released online, the beautiful new mom had a black cloth wrapped around her chest area, looking very sexy.

During the photo shoot, she suddenly suggested to her husband, "Why don't you carry me!" Timmy was shocked when he heard that and laughed: "You're just kidding."

Since his wife loves to play that much, Timmy decided to just take off his shirt to pose with his wife.

The couple were playing happily, and Janet was laughing nonstop! When speaking of her prenatal photo shoot, Janet said: "This is actually my second maternity photo shoot.

Here, allow me to thank GP Harmonie.

They are truly considerate and attentive.

After I give birth, they will help me create a huge photo album with 4D pictures from the birth checkups, prenatal and post-natal.

I'll be sharing this album with our guests at the 100 day birthday celebration."

Timmy just got back to HK from Mainland, he said: "I especially took off to come back to HK to accompany my wife as she gives birth.

Then I'll be going back to Mainland for work, for at least 3 more months.

I hope I can stay in HK in the last half of the year and spend more time with family.

"When speaking of his plans for raising his son? Timmy said: "My family wants us to have another daughter, so we can make the word 'good'.

I hope to get this done within the next two years, but the HK education system is troublesome.

We have to look for a school even before our children are born and have to put them in more playgroups.

He continued: "We actually place heavy emphasis on parent-children communication and hope our son experiences life.

I don't want him to be like me, born with a silver spoon in mouth.

I really have to spend more time during his growth.

"I grew up in the filming studio because that was my father's workplace.

Usually when I don't get to see him, I would go see him at the studio during my vacation and I'll learn Kung Fu with the martial arts instructor, I really don't want my son to grow up like this.

"Janet added with emphasis that they hope to raise their son to become a successful person, teach him to be filial and have manners.
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