Jane Zhang proposes to BF of 12 years -- but gets 'ugly' history about being third party dug up

9 July 2015 / 1 year 3 months ago

Having risen to fame through winning third place in the Super Girl contest in 2005, Jane Zhang (張靚穎) boldly revealed details of her 12-year relationship at a recent concert in Changsha, Mainland China and proceeded to propose to her boyfriend onstage.

According to Jayne Stars, in the middle of performing one of her love ballads, “Waiting for you” <終於等到你>, Jane came to an abrupt pause and said poignantly, “I just want to say that from the time I was 18 to 30, I have not had to wait for anyone, as there has been someone always being by my side.

"In my entire life, I’ve always wanted to go through this special ritual. I believe this is something I can give myself, and I think I can go through with this on national television…I am already 30 and I wish to do what I originally wanted to do when I was 20…I’ve thought hard about it and I don’t want to be single anymore…I’ve thought about this, if you are willing to marry me, come onstage now!”

Before the stunned audience could react, Jane’s boyfriend, Feng Ke (馮柯) went onstage to join her, sweeping her into a passionate kiss. The entire stadium exploded into cheers and applause for the couple.

Feng Ke is the CEO of Jane’s management company and his relationship with Jane has long been an open secret within the entertainment industry.

Jane has previously also alluded to being in a relationship by responding to the media’s questions with, “I have been blissfully happy all this while.”

This was, however, the first time Jane has made her relationship with Feng Ke public.

After the concert, Feng Ke also posted on his Weibo, saying, “My mind is still a complete blank. What happened at the concert just now should have been done by me, and should not have been announced by her onstage in such a simple manner. My mistake. Thank you for everyone’s well wishes, and I will make it up to [Jane] with an extra special proposal. Thanks once again, everyone.”

Nevertheless, things may not be entirely picture-perfect as Feng Ke and Jane allegedly had a big argument after the concert ended, due to Feng Ke hesitating before going onstage instead of immediately joining her.

This rumour was refuted by a concert staff, who said, “There was no such argument. The shouts and noise might have been because we were all celebrating loudly.”

Feng Ke’s First Marriage

The media also dug out the ugly history of the relationship between Feng Ke and Jane – Jane had allegedly started out being a third party in Feng Ke’s marriage with his ex-wife.

In 2003, Jane found out after one month of dating that Feng Ke was married and his wife and child were abroad. Heartbroken, Jane broke up with Feng Ke. It was only in 2005 after Feng Ke finalized his divorce with his then wife that Jane reconciled with Feng Ke.

However, curiously, in Jane’s concert announcement, she mentioned that she had been dating Feng Ke for 12 years, which would date back to 2003 rather than 2005.

This causes doubt as to whether Jane had continued being a knowing third party after discovering Feng Ke’s marriage in 2003.

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