Is Jam Hsiao dating his manager who's 13 years older?

23 August 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago

For the past five years, Jam Hsiao has been rumoured to be dating his manager Summer Lin, who is 13 years older than him.

Tabloids reported that 39-year-old Summer has successfully helped Jam's singing career soar, reports AsianPop News, and Ettoday.

In 2012, she helpedJam chalked up NT$260 million in earnings.

In the past, Jam and Summer were often sighted behaving intimately.

The pair would reportedly help each other place food on their bowls during meals, and were even rumoured to be living together.

Insiders within the entertainment circle pointed out that Summer had recently undergone cosmetic enhancement to make herself prettier and younger to look more compatible with Jam. She has also become more feminine and permed her long straight hair.

Summer has dismissed the rumours with Jam, but said that “their relationship went beyond manager and artiste.”

She also denied undergoing any cosmetic surgery and said that her recent change was due to a variety programme which she had to attend.

Recently, Jam was spotted picking up Summer after finishing work at 9.30 pm. The pair then headed over to Jam’s place. When Summer realised the paparazzi was behind them, she did not to get off the car.

Responding on this, Summer explained that it was Jam who requested that she take his car to divert the reporter’s attention.

On the same day, Jam arranged to meet up with his artiste friends and did not wish to be misunderstood for calling the media along.

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