Jaejoong's twitter account deactivation and hospital visit explained

4 November 2012 / 3 years 11 months ago

Source: JPopAsiaAfter controversy over Jaejoong's sudden twitter deactivation and trip to the hospital, C-JeS Entertainmnet has released a statement regarding the singer's recent activity.Fans of the JYJ member grew concerned when Jaejoong's twitter account had been deleted. His final message to his fans was "I must be getting punished", causing speculation and rumors as to what was happening with the idol.According to Jaejoong's agency, the singer's twitter account was hacked by someone. Due to the invasion of his account, Jaejoong decided that he will be leaving twitter. The last tweet he posted as himself involved him having a cold.Jaejoong was also seen going to the hospital, once again sparking controversy as fans tried to figure out what was wrong with the idol. His agency reassured fans that the visit was just a routine visit and nothing serious like some rumors had suggested."He has a bit of a cold. Since he needs to leave the country for a fan meeting, he went to the hospital just to check his condition," they stated.Jaejoong's twitter account has been hacked in the past. After his past experience with account hacking, the singer warned that he would delete his account if he was hacked again, following through with his promise.

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