Jade Seah's brother yells 'bloody murder' everytime he visits her new home

28 April 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago


Amanda Jayne Lee
Home & Decor
Sunday, Apr 27, 2014

Who lives here: Host Jade Seah and her fiance Terence Lim
Home: A second-floor unit of a shophouse in Tanjong Katong
Size: 1,270sqf

Much like its overwhelmingly energetic and chatty owner, Jade Seah's shophouse home is a vibrant hodgepodge of new and old furniture, spanning vast decorating periods, with bursts of unexpected colour; visitors hardly know where to start looking.

In keeping with its non-conformist vibe, this loft is situated in the most unlikely place - on the second floor of a shophouse, right above a Korean restaurant!

Jade and her fiance Terence Lim jumped at the opportunity to live in a loft-style shophouse and deck it to the hilt with their personal style.

But before they renovated the unit, the place was dark, the loft level was much lower and the space was a little cramped. Purchasing the home from a French expat who was returning home, the couple put a lot of work into turning it into their dream home.

What other problems did you face moving into an old house?

Well, for one thing, there's no parking. That is very annoying. I come home late, and it doesn't help that there's a restaurant downstairs, which makes it so difficult to get a parking space.

As for the house, we had to redo the plumbing. Previously, you couldn't use the washing machine and shower at the same time, at least now we can.

Despite all these problems, it seems you still love the place. You've put in so much effort in getting great furniture. It's a small sacrifice for a place you love!

It must have been quite a hassle moving all the old furniture up the stairs.

Yes! I felt quite sorry for the movers, especially when they had to bring up the bar counter and the huge barrel. It was quite a problem moving in.

When my brother comes here, he yells bloody murder: "Why can't you just build a lift?" That's the thing, it's really not fun when you have heavy luggage. But, like I said, small sacrifices if you love the place.

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