Jade Seah posts first photo of hubby-to-be -- and talks about how they met

27 August 2014 / 2 years 2 months ago
Jade Seah has given fans a sneak peek at the man she's marrying -- by posting a picture and a video of her and her husband-to-be on her social media accounts.

She writes in a post on her Instagram: "I'm getting married soon & everyone's been asking who I'm marrying. There are no pictures of him on my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Dayre. Maybe he's an imaginary boyfriend? LOL

"This is the very first picture of us I am posting."

Jade also shared her side of the story on her blog on how they met, and her impression of him on their first date together for prawn noodles, in which she said he didn't seem too interested.

However, that apparently was just a cover for his shyness and lucky for them, they hit it off on the next date.

She writes: "This friend said maybe he was just really shy, and shy guys sometimes act like that around girls they like. He encouraged me to go out with him again.

"He really did ask me out again and on account of the fact that he was obviously really keen to meet me (so confusing!)…and that I thought his dimples were cute (so shoot me, I’ve my shallow, human moments!)

"I decided to give him a second chance and go out with him.

"I remember being determined to not I get excited about it as I did the last time though – I generally hate the feeling of being played like a kite and I refuse to get sucked into hot-cold spirals.

"This time though, he opened up and talked to me like the person I thought I had been communicating with the past few months. The rest is history."

The Singaporean host and actress also shared a behind-the-scenes video of a photoshoot she did with her husband-to-be in Mauritius. 

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