Jacky Wu gets even angrier with disciple Jay Chou after what he did

5 April 2015 / 1 year 6 months ago

Source: Asian Pop News

Jacky Wu is still angry with his disciple, Jay Chou for not inviting him to his wedding last month. The Taiwanese host expressed his unhappiness and criticised Jay for being ungrateful.

Their common friend, Jeffery Hsu initially had plans to help mend their relationship over a meal.

Jeffery said, “I met Kang Kang and Nono at Liang Hequn’s wedding. Kang Kang suggested to ask Jacky and Jay for a dinner to dispel the misunderstanding. Hence, he asked me to book a restaurant and contact the old friends.”

Jacky reportedly got the timing wrong and missed the dinner. Responding on the “reconciliation dinner”, Jacky said angrily, “These type of gatherings are very common among artistes friends. It has nothing to do with an invitation card.”

When being told that Jay could not attend the dinner as he was still in a honeymoon, Jacky got angrier.

“Nobody invited him to any dinner. Let them reflect on themselves, and learn how to deal with people relationships.”

Jacky also said that he had been busy with filming of a variety programme and would not have time to meet Jay up for any dinner.

He said, “All along, the dinner was mentioned by Will Liu. I have never talked about it.”

Meanwhile, both Will and Jay’s agency JVR Music declined to make further respond.

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