Jacky Wu admits to hitting undergraduate first

8 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

Taiwanese famed host, Jacky Wu was embroiled in an physical assault case involving a university undergraduate, Chen Yufeng, two days before Chinese New Year, on February 8.According to an article in Asian Pop News, from Jacky's statement about the incident, the host had thought that the group of undergraduates were paparazzi and therefore kicked up a quarrel.It turned ugly when it became a full-blown fight. However, on Tuesday (May 7), Jacky and the undergraduate reportedly closed the chapter amicably by settling the matter out of court.Both parties attended a court session, smiled and hugged each other after walking out from court.Jacky also made a public apology to Yufeng in a statement to the press: "I was the one who started hitting student Chen Yufeng during the incident and he did not hit me at all. My earlier comments to the media have caused a misunderstanding and resulted in biased media coverage. "I apologise to student Chen Yufeng for causing distress to him."

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