The Jacksons: 'MJ would have wanted us to go on'

20 November 2012 / 3 years 11 months ago

Source: My PaperSINGAPORE - The era of the Jackson 5 is one that music fans aren't likely to forget.The group - featuring Jermaine, Jackie, Tito, Marlon and, of course, Michael Jackson - gave the world feel-good, bubblegum hits like I Want You Back (1969), I'll Be There (1970) and ABC (1970).Today, three years after Michael's death in June 2009, the elder brothers of the late King of Pop remember that time with fondness.On the line with My Paper last week from Belgium, where they were on tour, Jackie, 61; Tito, 59, and Marlon, 55, said that touring as a group in those days was a time that they'll never forget."Some of the best memories are of the fun we had on tour, with pillow fights and playing pranks on each other," Marlon said.On one occasion, while bored on the road in Houston, Texas, he and Michael had decided to fill a garbage can with water and empty it off a balcony on the top floor of a hotel they were staying in."People started running because they thought it was raining... We had water balloons, too," he said. "But we never tore up hotel rooms or busted up television sets like some rock groups."The trio, along with brother Jermaine, 57, will bring their Jacksons Unity Tour 2012 to Singapore next month. It will be first time they will perform here.Indeed, the tour - which marks the first time that four of the brothers have toured together in almost three decades - is a way of celebrating their past, as well as paying tribute to their brother, who died at age 50.As part of the tribute segment of the show, the brothers will take on some of the man's most well-loved songs, such as Rock With You (1979), Wanna Be Startin' Something (1983) and the very-fitting Gone Too Soon (1993).Tito explained: "There are some happy moments and some sad moments... We enjoy what we're doing now, because we have that time to tell that part of the story."Marlon added: "The whole show is not a celebration of him, but he's there with us in spirit." Despite the family's knack for courting controversy - the latest of which involves a family kerfuffle over the custody of Michael's three children - the brothers sounded at ease with each other, chiming in to share their views and joking among themselves.Asked if they give advice to their own children, and Michael's, on how to deal with fame, Marlon replied: "We tell them, 'you're a child, so enjoy your childhood'. That's very important... Don't grow up too fast."As The Jacksons, the four brothers have plans to record new music together in January, and plan to perform together even after this 34-show tour wraps up, they revealed happily."We want to be remembered as a group which really cared about uniting the world as one through our music," Marlon said.Jackie added: "I think it's something that Michael would have wanted us to do as well, to keep making music as The Jacksons."Catch The Jacksons Unity Tour 2012 on Dec 15 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium at 8pm.Tickets from $88 to $288 are available via Sistic ( or tel: 6348-5555).

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