Kenneth Ma texted Jackie Xu to apologise after their dinner date

23 October 2014 / 2 years 4 days ago

As one of TVB’s most eligible men, Kenneth Ma‘s (馬國明) romantic life has been put under the microscope. In August, Kenneth was spotted driving Jackie Xu (徐佳琦) home after a dinner date.  Since the publication of the photograph, the development in the duo’s relationship has been carefully watched.

According to Jaynestars, both Kenneth and Jackie protested that they are only good friends. At an event today, Jackie said, “When we were photographed, we were actually having a meal with a group of friends. We have not dined as a couple before. (Kenneth is) a good guy and we are close friends.”

Jackie was then asked if it was possible for their friendship to develop into a relationship, and if she was waiting for Kenneth to make the first move. “Right now, I’m enjoying the friendship. It’s great being friends with him,” Jackie weakly responded, trying to deflect the questions.

Asked if they were going out, Jackie said, “I’ve only known him for a number of months. When the photograph was taken, it was actually only the second time we’ve met.”

The reporters pressed further, “Are you afraid of the relationship being damaged from over-exposure to the media? Would you feel any regret if that happened?” Jackie quickly replied, “There would be nothing to regret.”

Jackie stated that she has not seen Kenneth since their last dinner together in August. “He texted me to say sorry. I think he was worried that I would be frightened (by this incident).”

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