Jaycee Chan's apology at press conference might surprise you

15 February 2015 / 1 year 8 months ago

Source: AsiaOne

Hong Kong action superstar Jackie Chan's only child, Jaycee Chan, held a press conference in Beijing today after his release from jail on Feb 13.

According to Chinese news media, the 32-year-old actor, dressed in a dark grey suit over a black T-shirt, bowed to the media in attendance before addressing them in his first formal apology after his release.

Chan was released from a Beijing prison on Friday, after serving a six-month sentence for sheltering drug users.

Chan clarified that his father did not help him get a lighter sentence, and added that he was treated the same as everyone else while in detention and prison.

Said Chan: "I did something wrong and I should admit it". "I was not a good role model for the younger generation, I will mend my ways and hope to be given another chance to reform. I know the opportunities are given by the public, and I will treasure each one of them and do my best."

In his nearly four-minute speech, he said he has "corrected his values" after the incident, The Straits Times reported.

"In the past I really didn't know how to cherish the things around me," he said. "After this lesson, it's even clearer to me what I need to do in the next phase of my life, and what I should never do."

Chan was arrested in August last year after police raided his home. Police found 117.7g of marijuana in his apartment, and he also tested positive for the drug.

Taiwanese actor Kai Ko, 23, was arrested with Chan and also tested positive for marijuana. He was released after two weeks in detention.

According to entertainment news site QQ.com, Chan said he had not seen his dad nor his mum, former Taiwanese actress Lin Fengjiao, for six months as they were not allowed to visit by law.

He said: "I did not wish for them to see me suffer, no one would want to. I made a mistake and I should answer for it."

Photos: ST, SPH Razor, TNP, Reuters, Instagram, Video screengrabs, AFP

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