Jackie Chan wishes we had natural disasters more often

25 October 2013 / 2 years 12 months ago

During an interview this week promoting the US release of his latest film, Chinese Zodiac, Jackie Chan told the interviewer that sometimes he wished countries would experience natural disasters more often.

When asked by a reporter about United States and China bilateral relations, Chan said that both superpowers needed to work together more, and added that people from nations all around the world generally needed to co-operate more as well

According to a report on Shanghaiist, the actor then proceeded to speak his mind frankly.

“I should not say that,” Chan said. “Sometimes I really like to see some countries have a disaster coming, or either big tsunami, or either big earthquake.

“After the big disaster coming, you see the whole world, everybody fly in to help the country, I’m so happy. No tsunami, no earthquakes, everybody nothing to do, then politics come in. You fight me, I fight you, I don’t like to see those kinds of things.” [sic]

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