Jackie Chan sets tongues wagging with his seemingly seductive ways with Chinese female stars

2 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago
Chan made headlines in March when pictures of him approaching acclaimed Chinese folk singer Song Zuying from behind and snuggling cheek to cheek with her at an arts and culture group meeting went viral.

According to an article in The New Paper, netizens accused him of flirting brazenly with 47-year-old Song, who is the respected director of a People's Liberation Army song and dance troupe.

Chan dismissed his nuzzle against Song's cheek as an "innocent gesture".

It was not the first time that Chan had set tongues wagging with his seemingly seductive ways with Chinese female stars.

At a charity dinner in October last year, he was photographed locking fingers with Chinese actress Fan Bingbing under the dinner table.

He was also seen beaming from ear to ear while sitting on the lap of another actress, Li Bingbing.

When local singer Joi Chua, who was invited by the revered screen legend to his 60th birthday mega concert at Beijing Worker's Stadium was quizzed if she or her husband had any initial concerns about.

Chan's ladies' man reputation prior to accepting the gig, Chua laughed.

"I think it would be silly to entertain such thoughts," she said.

"Besides, right from the start, Da Ge knows I'm married... It was a huge honour for me to be able to perform at the event."

Chua, who recently released her new Mandarin single Glass, added that she was "shocked" when she received Chan's invitation to sing at his birthday concert.

"Prior to this, I have never worked with him before. I don't know him personally," she explained.

"When my manager told me about it, I went 'Huh?' several times. I couldn't believe it."

One can only imagine her happiness after she learnt from Chan that both he and his wife's favourite song was Watching The Sunrise With Me.

The couple had apparently heard it "at least 80,000 times" and Chan "sang along to every word" during Chua's rehearsal.

There is even a rather interesting story about how Chan became a fan of Chua's soothing vocals.

Said Chua: "Da Ge told me he first heard my song on radio years ago when he was caught in a traffic jam. However, the DJ did not announce its title and he decided he would continue listening to the same station day after day with determination, until they played it again.

"When Watching The Sunrise With Me finally played once more, Da Ge quickly recorded it and got someone to find out the song title and singer behind it. And that's how he got to know me."

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