Jackie Chan refuses to attend son's court hearing but chooses to do this

8 January 2015 / 1 year 9 months ago

Source: JayneStars

Since Jaycee Chan was arrested by Beijing authorities for marijuana possession in August, he has been jailed in China.

Possessing more than 100 grams of illegal drugs at his home in Beijing, Jaycee has been charged for drug consumption and drug trafficking offenses. Jaycee spent 148 days in remand and was not allowed any visitors.

Jaycee’s court hearing will held on January 9, but his parents Jackie Chan and Joan Lin may not be able to attend due to the short notice.

Spending his 32nd birthday, Christmas, and New Year in the prison, Jaycee has reportedly made good use of his time in solitude by reading 100 books while in jail.

Upon conviction, Jaycee is likely to face a prison or a probationary sentence of up to three years. This would be set off against the amount of time Jaycee spent in remand. He would also have the opportunity to appeal against his sentence.

Although Jackie Chan and his wife Joan Lin have not seen Jaycee for nearly five months since he was detained by Beijing authorities, the couple may not attend Jaycee’s court hearing on January 9.

While Jackie will be in Beijing, he would not be able to get away from his work commitments. It would also be inconvenient for Joan to travel from overseas to attend the hearing.

Jackie’s good friend, Eric Tsang, expressed his sympathies for the couple and emphasized that Joan misses Jaycee very much, “She writes him a letter every day, waiting for him to read the letters when he gets out of jail. I also heard from Jackie that Jaycee has been reading a lot of books while in jail. I hope he can learn from this experience and value his life more.”

Jaycee’s manager stated that a representative from the management company would be attending the court hearing. Asked how Jaycee is feeling at the moment, his manager said, “I don’t know. I will have to find out from his lawyer.”

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