Jackie Chan rates himself as a bad father

22 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

Jackie Chan has risked life and limb for his movies and calls them his "sons".

But his real-life son, Jaycee, has been neglected in the process.

Chan admits as much when he gives himself a score of 20 for being a father.

When it comes to the movie set, Jackie Chan says that he is king and has much to teach his son Jaycee.

His new film, Police Story 2013, opens here on Dec 24.

But in the recording studio, he acknowledges that Jaycee is king and he would listen to all his son’s instructions.

The action superstar opens up about being absent in his son’s life while he was growing up to their relationship today.

Read the full report at The Straits Times.

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