Jackie Chan not leaving a single cent in assets for son? Not anymore

12 March 2015 / 1 year 7 months ago

Source: Jaynestars

Possessing a net worth of over 9.8 billion RMB, Jackie Chan (成 龍) previously declared that he will donate all his assets to charity. Jackie had stated that he will not leave a single dime for his son, Jaycee Chan (房祖名), as he hoped Jaycee would depend on himself to make a livelihood.

After Jaycee’s release from prison in February, Jackie was full of praises towards his son and stressed that Jaycee has changed for the better. The father and son’s relationship improved drastically following the ordeal. Jackie has also changed his mind regarding his will.

“If I don’t leave my assets to Jaycee, whom will I leave it to? Everything will be given to him. He is my son and I am his father. This will not change.”

Frequently considered the “Big Brother” in the entertainment industry, Jackie truthfully admitted that work was his priority and his family came in secondary. Although many frowned upon his values, Jackie expressed that if he had not placed such emphasis on his work, he would not be enjoying his current success. He added, “I am not living [my life] only for [my wife and son].”

Joan Lin (林鳳嬌) has been a very supportive wife, single-handedly raising Jaycee while Jackie focused on his career in the last 30 years. Jackie smiled and said, “She can stand me. If not, we would have split up early on. I don’t even remember her or my son’s birthdays. She was upset at me before, but I told her that I don’t even remember my own parents’ birthdays. She stopped being angry then.”

Currently 60 years old, Jackie has no intentions of retiring. Stating that many of his colleagues’ livelihoods depend on his company, Jackie still places work as his priority. When asked whether he has any regrets in life, Jackie confidently said, “Absolutely not. With my family reunited, my son having his mother to look after him, my films being box office successes, my company being stable, I have nothing more to ask for.”

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