Jackie Chan to introduce Kpop group he spent years putting together

11 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

Action star Jackie Chan (成龍) has combined his industry expertise and passion for discovering new talents in his latest passion project.

On March 10, he announced via his talent management company, Jackie Chan Group Korea, that he has put together a brand new Korean pop idol group, and will be formally introducing them sometime this month.

A singer himself, Jackie has recorded several albums and movie theme songs throughout his career. Knowing the ins and outs of the music industry, he has taken on the challenge to produce an Asian pop group that can hold its own on the global stage.

Named JJCC, or pronounced “Double JC”, the five-member group consists of four Koreans and one Chinese. Fitting into the popular model of Korea’s top male idols, the members of JJCC are all young, tall, handsome, and multi-talented.

Similar to Korean industry practice, all five members were put into rigorous training programs; their leader was reportedly the most experienced having been a trainee for nine long years, reports Jayne Stars.

Although there has been an over-supply of K-pop idol groups in recent years, Jackie is confident that JJCC will stand out among the rest and hopes that it will one day be known all around the world.

To ensure the group’s success, Jackie personally oversaw its recruitment and development, and also managed every detail from song selection to creating the album cover.

Years in the making, JJCC is finally ready to greet the public this month and will be releasing its debut single on March 20.

Averaging twenty-years-old and 180 centimeters in height, the group has already generated some interest online, and is currently testing their demand in the local market with surprise street performances.

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