Jackie Chan finds CNY annoying and doesn't know when son's birthday is

30 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

Lunar New Year is one of the most important traditional holidays for many Asians around the globe, but for Jackie Chan (成龍), the New Year can be quite “annoying.”

At a recent public function, Jackie revealed that he director Feng Xiaogang (馮小剛) did not invite him to perform at the CCTV Spring Festival, and that he will not be spending his Chinese New Year holidays in Beijing unlike previous years.

According to an article on Popular Asians, the international superstar said he does not enjoy holidays, particularly Chinese New Year, because holidays are a time when people are on break. “The crew goes on break and I’m left with nothing to do,” he said.

“For them, the Spring Festival is break time. For me, it is very annoying. The company is empty once it’s the holidays. The crew is gone. [I] wouldn’t know what to do for the next few days. It makes me feel desperate.”

Jackie claims that his family also does not like to celebrate Lunar New Year. He said that both he and his son, Jaycee Chan (房祖名), would not call each other on their birthdays. “Actually, when it’s his birthday, I wouldn’t even know,” Jackie said.

It appears that Jackie does not seem to be much of a family man, as the workaholic has emphasized on multiple occasions that he does not like celebrating the holidays with his family. Jaycee also revealed that at one point in time, he only got to see his father once a year.

Asked if Jackie has set any expectations for his son in the upcoming New Year, he said, “I just want him to be good. Don’t cause trouble and don’t get into trouble. If he can make some little achievements in music and film, I’ll be happy.”

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