Jackie Chan opens up about his love child - but says he won't leave her any inheritance

18 April 2015 / 1 year 6 months ago

Jackie Chan has avoided talking about his love child with Elaine Ng, Etta Ng. Even when Etta was suspected to be abused by her mother, Jackie remained unmoved and did not render her any assistance.

Many have also criticized him for having an 'iron heart." But in his new book, "Jackie Chan: Never Grow Up, Only Get Older", he shed light into his family and his younger days.

During a recent interview Jackie spoke to the media about his love child for the first time, reports Asian Pop News.

When asked if he really did not intend to leave a cent to Etta, Jackie said, "I believe she doesn't need my inheritance. 

"(Don't you feel that she has been a victim all these years? she is innocent?) Yes, she has been hurt."

Jackie also said, "Don't you think that I am in a sorry state too? I have let both sides down."

Asked if he would continue to not acknowledge Etta, Jackie said, 'Some things are best not to talk about. Let nature take its own course! If we happen to meet, so be it,. I'm very easy-going."

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