Jackie Chan: 'Fan Bing Bing forced a hug on me'

19 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

Fan Bing Bing attended the promotion for the film, Skiptrace, with Jackie Chan and both were spotted in a passionate embrace.After Jackie Chan hugged Fan Bing Bing he jokingly said, "She forced the hug on me."According to an article in hktopten, during the event, Fan Bing Bing was asked if she will participate in any action scene. She said, "I will have fight scenes, when Big Brother Jackie Chan wants me to fight, I will fight. Big Brother even wants me to fight with him." Fan Bing Bing was decked in 6-inch high heels during the press conference and lost her balance, to which Jackie Chan gave her a hand. When asked if they will have any romantic scenes in the new film, Jackie Chan smiled and said, "She plays my niece, this time she is the one fighting, while I am acting!" The new film's budget will be US$35 million and will be shot on location in China, Hong Kong, Siberia, the U.S and other locations.Jackie Chan recalled when Lionel Richie arrived in Beijing. "He said, doesn't everyone in Beijing carry a machine gun? He had little knowledge of China, so I want to make Hollywood movies with some Chinese flavour so foreigners will have more understanding of the Chinese culture."View the gallery for more pictures of Fan Bing Bing and Jackie Chan at the film promotion.

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