Jackie Chan criticised after posting online about Hong Kong protests

11 October 2014 / 2 years 2 weeks ago
Jackie Chan has come under fire for an online post in which he called for the people of Hong Kong to be patriotic.

According to a report in AsiaOne, the Hong Kong actor's post on Weibo read: "I believe every Hong Konger loves Hong Kong and wishes it well. A good tomorrow for Hong Kong needs everyone's support and hard work... I'm willing to strive with everyone (towards) a return to rationality, face the future, love our country and our Hong Kong. Without a strong country, there is no prosperous home."

News agencies have reported that the Hong Kong economy lost up to HK$350 billion (S$57 billion) because of the pro-democracy protest in the city, now in its 13th day.

The Straits Times reported that his post had attracted over 7,000 comments within four hours.

As reported on the Internet, one of his detractors, among others, wrote: "How long can he hope to lighten his son's sentence by thus hugging China's thigh?"

"He still wants to interfere in national affairs when he can't even discipline his own son," said another post.

Chan's son Jaycee was arrested in his Beijing apartment in August after a drug bust.

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